This is for the ladies who think that their hotness ended when their twenties ended.  For those who constantly compare themselves to the younger twenty somethings who just graduated college.  The ones who are filled with media and statistical crap about how your attractiveness should be related to your age.  To those “older” women who find themselves saying “I use to look like you.”  This one is for you.

It may be early to make a new years resolution and especially planning for it to last however long it will take.  Mine is to make an effort to ignore the notion that as we get older, we lose our attractiveness.  I have three more years in my twenties and more and more I’m hearing about a non existent late twenties crisis.  I say fuck the crisis and look at age as just a number.  As cliche as it is, we are as old as we feel.  I’m so sick of trying to catch up to my peers in adulthood when I should really just be living however I want to live.  Yes, marriage scares the hell out of me and yes the thought of me having a child doesn’t make sense at all.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t want these things in the future.  What I want right now is to be happy and do the things that help me grow as person.

Ok, back on topic….We feed into these statistics of how men are more attracted to women in their twenties but is that really THAT important? Do I really want to waste the rest of my twenties being worried about entering my thirties? and do I really want to waste my thirties thinking about how I’m not in my twenties? Screw that! And yes, I do have a lot to learn and I have no idea what it is like to be in my 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or 90’s. However, it seems that there is a common worry among women, no matter what age, and that’s age.

Aside from the pressure a lot of us take on from the tick of our biological clocks, we are expected to or expect ourselves to start worrying about what our age really means for us.  It sucks.  I hate the fact that even though I am a youthful looking late twenty year old, that’s active, there is still this tiny voice in my head that makes me feel like an old unsuccessful hag when I’m standing next to a 21 year old or even worse, a 16 year old.  And this isn’t even just the tip of the iceberg apparently.  I’m sure some of you that are reading this are rolling your eyes thinkin “honey, you are still young and have no idea what it’s like to be old!”  What does that even mean though?

We live in an age where there are so many new ideals of beauty, success, fame, and youth.  More pressures to meet these standards.  More expectations to live up to something.  It isn’t easy but what if all of us stopped discussing age as if it is something to be ashamed about? Perhaps womanhood wouldn’t be such a “horrible” experience when you hit those milestones.  Our bodies don’t have to define our being…though it’s hard not to when that is your shell of your core.  It’s annoying and hard to hear the same old; “just wait until you get to be my age” or “you’re getting older, so…. fill in the blank.”  You know what? I actually have comfort in knowing that I am getting older.  That is because I am getting wiser, the world isn’t as much of a game and I don’t have to fight with reality as much.

Age, is rough.  Don’t look at yourself and think about the what if’s and the use to’s.  It is a waste of your time.  Don’t look at your peers and think you are behind or too far ahead. You are successful and full of life.  Where you are maturing in appearance and number, you are blooming in being.  Like a wildflower that just sprung from the ground, your youth isn’t over yet.