I feel very fortunate to live in a time and country where women are allowed to do whatever they want. I am also very lucky to know some special women who inspire me to be a better athlete and encourage me to continue to experience my own strength and accomplishments.  Although this list will continue to grow, these are just a few inspirational women that I have the privilege of knowing:

My Mom


My mom is THE most inspirational woman in my life.  There is no one that will ever love me and support me as much as my mother does.  Anyone who knows Diana Corona, understands the power that comes from this woman’s heart and soul.  Even on her worst days, she manages to find the positive.  She has taught me to truly care about everything that I am doing in my life and to always try to see the other person’s perspective. Everything that I do in my life will always relate back to something that she has taught me.  Any growth or success that I may have is because of her. She inspires me to always do better, to always be the better person in negative situations and to try to see the positive in every situation.  She inspires me to love, to be happy and to seek fulfillment in my life.  My mom is not only a great mother but she is a great Nurse.  As an LPN, she knows how to take great care of people and how to make them feel comfortable.  There is no woman that will be as inspirational to me as my mom.  I owe my whole existence to her.  Thank you mom for your love, care, beauty and intelligence.

My Sisters


I am fortunate enough to have three older sisters to look up to.  They have inspired me in multiple ways and have helped me become a grounded and confident woman.  Something that I find valuable is our age differences.  Each of us is experiencing a different stage in life.  Though our life may take us in different paths, their experience has given me insight and wisdom in the realm of respecting all levels of life experience, no matter what we go through.  Our bond is so indestructible that we will be there for each other with the drop of a hat no matter how long we go without seeing or talking to one another and no matter how angry we become with each other.  I’ve seen this first hand in times of struggle.  Their willingness to give has inspired me to be there for all women, their strength and vocal demeanor has pushed me to hold my ground when treated poorly, and their diverse personalities has allowed me to understand myself and other women on a deeper level.  From playing with me when I was little to preparing me for prom, I Thank You!  Thank You, Janet for being a positive role model for me, as a mother and a woman. Thank You, Britt for our cherished memories together and for showing me that there will always be light at the end of a dark tunnel.  Thank you, Brianne for being my best friend and mentor.  Corona girls blood is as thick as our skulls! May we reign on through many years of laughter and love.